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Built with a bidirectional tubular 100% carbon fiber reinforced by 3 layers of woven fiberglass with aluminum loading and 3D design rhomboid(Texalium Rhombus). The new MAGNUM core, Originally built by a sandwich core which center is composed by 50% of a lightweighted, soft and white foam rubber.

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Made of a tubular bidirectional carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced by 3 layers of glass fiber fabric and an exposed carbon fiber. Through the 6LAYS technology, the construction of the edge of the frame and where the protector VFP is fixed has double reinforcements.

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La Varlion Avant Carbon Ti Hexagon es una pala espectacular, es una pala de potencia con una estética espectacular en color negro y fucsia, calidad Varlion a un precio espectacular.

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